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6240 N. Federal BLVD 

Denver, CO. 80221 

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Set Apart Treatment 

6240 North Federal Blvd

Denver, CO. 80221

Phone (303) 426-4459

Fax (303) 426-4429

Mission Statement 

Set Apart Treatment Inc. is to be a leader in commitment, honesty and integrity when assisting with substance use and mental health issues in our communities. Our agency promotes support, affordability, uniqueness and merit to individuals while teaching a greater understanding of the quality of life. 

Vision Statement

As an agency of the mental health and substance abuse field, we strive to be the gold standard of Colorado in excellence, achievements, and goals. 

Set Apart Treatment is recognized as an Office of Behavioral Health Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment agency in the State of Colorado (SUD). We provide services to offenders in accordance with Judicial sanctions and requirements. All individuals whom may need to complete requirement's for pre and post-trial services, probation requirements and Department of Motor Vehicle requirements are provided by the most seasoned therapists. Counselors with Set Apart Treatment are highly trained and skilled in DUI services including but not limited to other addiction services and mental health services. We are reputable in providing quality client care, support, empowerment and healthy communication skills.