Set Apart Treatment  is MEDICAID APPROVED in which insurance will pay for Intake fee and DWAI/DUI Therapy classes known as Track A, B, C and D. Clients will be responsible for paying for Level II Education classes (First-12weeks of Treatment). Other substance abuse programs listed as MEDICAID APPROVED and funded are as follows: IOP, EOP, Relapse Prevention,  MRT, Stimulant Specifc Program, Psychotherapy, Marijuana Abstinence, Substance Abuse Individual sessions and CBT related to SUD. Set Apart Treatment's prices and services are as follows: 

Services and Prices for Court Ordered Classes 
Intake Fees- $80.00 
DUI/DWAI- $25.00 (Education & Therapy) 
Anger Management-$25.00  
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)- $30.00  
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- $25.00
Stimulant Specific Program (SSP) -$30.00
Psychotherapy- $25.00
Relapse Prevention (RP)- $25.00
Marijuana Abstinence Program (MAP)- $25.00
Substance Abuse Individuals- $50.00
Intensive Outpatient (IOP)- $35.00 
Enhanced Outpatient (EOP)- $30.00
Substance Abuse Evaluation -$230.00
Mental Health Evaluation- $300.00


Coming soon (DWAI/DUI- Spanish classes)
Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) 
Socialized Reintegration Program (SRI)

Please contact our office to schedule an intake appointment. 
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