From Clinical staff to administration, everyone at Set Apart Treatment is a part of a fantastic, caring family. Our family of therapist and case managers who generously give their time and expertise to Set Apart Treatment clients and are dedicated people whom spend countless hours helping fullfill our mission of service to the communities. Meet our staff here at Set Apart Treatment. 

Mannanita Abeyta, CAS- Owner, Therapist- Ms. Abeyta has been practicing in the clinical field for over 25 yrs. She has experience with at risk juvenile's, all levels of addiction's treatment ranging from alcohol to amphetamines, marijuana abstinence and the medical assisted treatment world. Other programs Ms. Abeyta focuses on regarding substance abuse behaviors include mental health trauma related to SUD, relapse preventions with recidivism and building and implementing new coping & decision making skills with behavioral modifications. Ms. Abeyta is certified in mental health business developement and is a founding member of "The Colorado Mental Health Professional Association".  

Kaylei Ridenour- Case Manager- Ms. Ridenour currently has over 2yrs experience in customer service and 1yr within the clinical services field and judicial administration.  Ms. Ridenour is highly skilled in administration, intakes, discharges, directive functions, office management, de-esculation strategies and has great communication skills. She is highly educated in assessing individuals anticipated programs and assigning for pre & post-trial services. 

Dr. Leslie Reo, Clinical Supervisor, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Provider. Dr. Reo owns the "Colorado School of Family Therapy" and specializes in addictions, family, therapy, trauma, grief and loss with adults, adolescents, families and couples. Dr. Reo also provides clinical services to the "Chicago Bears & Denver Broncos" to name a few agencies he has impacted and influenced. 

David Koopman, LPC, LAC- Counselor. David holds a LPC and LAC and practices addiction and mental health counseling for over 10 years. He is highly educated and experienced in depression, trauma,  mental health diagnosis and recommendations, insomnia and sleep disorders.  

Nicole Fischer, LPC, LAC- Counselor- Ms.Fischer has been in the addictions field for more than 5 yrs and is currently working with the medical assisted treatment programs which are opioid based. Ms. Fischer also works within the clinical criminal forensics world with law enforcement.  

Amber Piccurio, CAS- Counselor-  Ms. Piccurio current has over 20yrs of clinical experience in addictions and mental health services. Amber also works in the medical assisted treatment world and conducts online sessions.

Staff at Set Apart Treatment Inc., hold's and value's accountability, responsibility and positions itself with the highest form of stability and accountability. For more information about how to register please contact our office at (303) 426-4459.